Green Fund

In May of 2007, ASPLU legislation established a $10/semester tuition increase, known then as the “Green Fee” in order to fund green energy credits and sustainability projects.

vitaly-145502-e1499751815220.jpgOver 20% of that fund went to student projects each year.

G.R.E.A.N. Club was happy to assist in several past projects that were granted the financial support of the Green Fund, including One Less CupOff Campus CompostingBring Back the BikePaper Towel Free Hand Dryers, and Take Back the Tap.

The buying of carbon offsets ended in 2015. Recognizing there was lack of student participation in the Green Fund, the previous barrier on what was being defined as sustainability and still wanting to meet demands of the President’s Climate Agenda to be Carbon Neutral by 2020; ASPLU legislation was passed in 2016 to shift Green Fees into the DJS Award.

omar-lopez-296937The DJS Award broadens the scope of sustainability at PLU to think about People, Planet and Prosperity and recognize PLU’s mission is a mission of Diversity, Justice and Sustainability. By shifting to the DJS Award, PLU seeks to take a more holistic approach to sustainability that recognizes the social, environmental, cultural and economic intersections of sustainability.

G.R.E.A.N. Club is proud to be a continuing contributor in this mission. Club President Julia Grosvenor is a member of the DJS Fun(d) Team. Feel free to contact her with any questions you have about applying for the award.


Check out the DJS Fund Website for more information: