Our Heroes, a.k.a. PLU Waste Diversion and Clothes for the Cause

Just yesterday GREAN’s president Julia Grosvenor received a big check from Randy Evans at PLU Waste Diversion. It was the first income the club had seen since Grosvenor had joined the club. Granted, she has only been part of the club for two years now, but she has also been paying for GREAN’s activities out of her own pocket since becoming president in 2016.

“It is a huge relief to finally feel like we can spend money. I am extremely grateful,” Grosvenor said.

GREAN received the funds entirely thanks to the generosity of Virginia Allred and Randy Evans on behalf of PLU’s Waste Diversion department. In fact, GREAN barely had to lift a finger, while Waste Diversion and Clothes for the Cause teams lifted over 6000 lbs of textile and other personal items.

In past years, Waste Diversion has made the end-of-spring move-out process more sustainable by providing bins for recycling and donating. When students move out, it can be incredibly difficult to figure out what to do with the items that don’t fit in car 20170619_154426.pngtrunks and suitcases. The donation bins provide students with an alternative to throwing unwanted items in the dumpster (although Grosvenor did happen upon a perfectly good lamp as she was throwing away the last of her dorm room trash. It now lives happily at her parents’ house.)

Previously, the department partnered with Goodwill to take all donated items, but this year they branched out to other groups, so residence halls on campus had a variety of bins to contribute to, including a food bank, school supply drive and there were even collection bins for items that may have been misplaced from The Commons. However for all clothes, shoes, electronics and personal items, there was Clothes for the Cause. 


“This organization provides the secret double life of donated textiles which nearly 100% are recycled,” Evans explained. The organization also accepts and recycles non-textile items, and all together Clothes for the Cause donates a few cents per pounds of collected items to the group of Waste Diversions choice.

According to Allread, GREAN was chosen to receive the donation check after a year of successful collaboration with the club, on projects like the Recyclemania campaign (for which PLU achieved 5th place out of 189 universities) and The DJS Cardboard Fort.

GREAN received the news just in time to celebrate at their final meeting of the year. It may have truly been the easiest fundraiser any PLU club has ever had, as members finished their finals, donated a few items, packed up and went home for the summer. Meanwhile, the Facilities Department, Waste Diversion and Ground crews collected, sorted, packaged and loaded over 600 bags of donations in the Clothes for the Cause trailer.

“Coming together, working as a team, and preventing recycled items going to our landfills significantly contributed toward a successful fundraiser event,” Evans said. “We thank the students for their donations and look forward to partnering with Clothes for the Cause during next year’s move out.”

GREAN wholeheartedly agrees, and is infinitely thankful to everyone who helped make the drive possible.




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