Sustainable Cooking Class

On Monday Susan Schowalter proved she was the coolest member GREAN Club has ever had by putting together a sustainable cooking class all by herself.

A class full of students gathered in the Scan Center to learn about sustainable cooking options that even college students could accomplish.

The event was sponsored by campus dining, and the Commons’ Sous Chef Jason Sipe gave live demonstrations of several simple but impressive recipes. Chef Sipe changed the way GREAN club president Julia Grosvenor thought about quesadillas when he put the cheese on the outside as well.

The event also included a talk on the sustainable sourcing of produce by Schowalter, as well as Ted Talks about gardening and dumpster diving.

Schowalter began planning the event earlier in the semester, writing proposals for funding from various locations. It was even approved for funding by the DJS Award, but by that time it had managed all of its needs between campus dining services and GREAN club.

How was GREAN involved? You may ask…

This seems like it was all Susan’s work, but in fact GREAN club laminated the recipe cards and produce guides which were handed out at the event. You’re welcome.

Club members also ensured waste was minimized by taking home the leftover saffron risotto. It was delicious.